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הכל אודות משפחת זהביUri Zehavi wants to become House Captain - הכל אודות משפחת זהבי

Uri Zehavi wants to become House Captain

by sagit
November 20, 2018  1:27 am

19.11.2018  / grade 5

HI my name is Uri Zehavi and I’ve been in Valkston for about a year and a half and something I really want is to be a house captain.

Firstly, I like Valkston. I like how Valkston keeps you safe.
It has so many staff like in my last school there was no running athletics, swimming athletics, camps or bike ed.

 I’m so excited that I’m finely going to become a grade 6.

Secondly, I can do whatever it takes, I have the responsibilities it needs. I can help organizing school events, I can come early in the morning, I’ll do something if you ask me to. I’ve got the skills of Decision-Making Capabilities, I’m friendly I’ve got Empathy I’m nature smart and body smart. I’ve got the skills and the responsibilities, so I want to be a good house captain

Finally, if I would have been a leader, I would have been more responsible for what I’m doing so in any position someone got heart or something I would have helped him or her and got him or her to the teacher. if I would have become a leader, I will need to work on my confidents in front of people and I want to set a good example for student.

In conclusion I think I’ve got the skills and the responsibilities and I’m want to be a great leader.

 thank you for listening.

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